This cook in a Hong Kong restaurant is your worst nightmare come true [video]

A Hong Kong restaurant worker is under fire after being caught preparing food in unsanitary ways.

A restaurant worker has recently been criticized after a customer witnessed and filmed her in a snack stall in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. The customer was visiting the restaurant when he saw the worker preparing skewers with chicken wings that were placed on the wet and dirty floor.

The worker put many peoples’ health in danger.

The customer stated that the worker had “been doing it for a few minutes” and, out of horror, filmed the worker preparing the food on the floor and transferring it onto the grill.

After witnessing this happen, the customer eventually complained to the shop owner. The shop owner appeared neither apologetic nor concerned, however, and, to the customer’s surprise, the shop owner offered the customer money to go away.

“I told him he could be harming his customers, but he replied that it ‘wasn’t a problem'”

– Shop customer

The customer then went on to report the incident to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and posted the footage on Facebook to warn his fellow friends and family members to avoid the restaurant. Unfortunately, the customer went on to experience a bout of gastroenteritis and speculated that the snacks he ate from the stall could, in fact, be the cause of his illness.

Source:  Apple Daily