The Cops Got Called On An ARMY During BTS’s “Map Of The Soul ON:E” Concert… And Honestly? We Can Relate

This is unbelievable, but it really happened!

What was the most eventful part of BTS‘s Map of the Soul ON:E concert weekend for you? The solo stages? The group performances? For one ARMY in Melbourne, Australia, it was the cops!

Just twenty minutes after @jungkookiiiess on Twitter sat down to watch the concert, she saw a flashlight outside. At first, she thought it might have been a surprise Uber Eats delivery. But when she opened the door, she saw something far more unexpected: the police.

| @jungkookiiiess/Twitter

At 9:20pm, two Victoria Police officers stormed into her home clad in masks. Why? According to the polices’ report, neighbors heard screaming coming the ARMY’s home. The Map of the Soul ON:E opening was so good, the ARMY just couldn’t contain her excitement!

In later updates on the story, the fan confessed her neighbors probably came to one of three conclusions: either she was “dying“, she was “summoning demons“, or she was “throwing a party“. Melbourne, Australia is currently under strong lockdown restrictions, so a party would incur some pretty hefty fines.

Thankfully, the only party was coming from the television screen. Of course, explaining things to the police wasn’t easy. After trying to get through to the officers, @jungkookiiiess ended up inviting them into her home to see for themselves. The ARMY joked that it’s a good job she was watching the concert legally, otherwise they really could’ve gotten into trouble.

Dealing with a police report is the last thing any ARMY wants to face in the middle of a live BTS concert stream, but some good may have come of it. The fan said she thinks the female police officer was intrigued by the concert and may have even gone home to Google BTS.

All’s well that ends well! The fan said she had a great time watching the concert, and it didn’t put her off enjoying Map of the Soul ON:E day two just as much as day one.

While no one can condone worrying the neighbors and the cops, @jungkookiiiess story is one we can all relate to. Who wouldn’t scream at those incredible stages?