Cosmic Girls’ Bona Responds To Rumors About Having Done Plastic Surgery

She answered truthfully.

Cosmic GirlsBona appeared on Radio Star where she made a sudden comment about plastic surgery!


The topic came up when her agency told her to do well on Radio Star, much like how MOMOLAND‘s Jooe became a hot topic after her appearance back in 2017.

As soon as I was confirmed to come on this show, our whole staff gathered for a meeting. They asked me, ‘Do you think you can be like Jooe? You need to grab the opportunity when it presents itself.’

— Bona


In order to become a hot issue, she wondered if she had to drop a bomb like plastic surgery confessions!

I wondered if I have to go far as confessing about plastic surgery.

— Bona


When the cast was surprised by her seemingly plastic surgery confession, she clarified that she didn’t get any plastic surgery done. She only had her teeth laminated.


The cast felt reassured as they claimed lamination isn’t considered plastic surgery and that she looked like the natural beauty that she is!

Source: TV Report

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