Cosmic Girls’ Luda Was Inappropriately Touched By Male Backup Dancer On Stage

Fans are asking Starship Entertainment to take action:

Netizens are absolutely horrified after seeing the inappropriate way a male backup dancer touched Cosmic GirlsLuda during a performance.


Cosmic Girls recently held their “Would You Stay – Secret Box” concert in Seoul on March 2 and 3. While the girls certainly slayed, many fans have recently noticed the way one male backup dancer touched Luda inappropriately during her “24 Hours” stage with Dawon.


Specifically, fans have noticed how he seemed to intentionally touch Luda’s chest. In one part of the song, fans noticed that he seemed to grab Luda a little higher than normal and before readjusting his hand placement even further up her body.


And in a second part of the dance, fans pointed out he once again touched Luda’s chest.


While some netizens have argued that it was all a part of the choreography, fans have been coming back with proof that it isn’t. They’ve shown the original choreography with Sunmi


And Dawon’s own fancam as proof that Luda’s dance partner was being inappropriate.


Many fans have been calling out the dancer for his behavior and think there is no excuse for what he did to Luda.


They’ve been trending the #JusticeForLuda hashtag to raise awareness of the event…


And have been writing Starship Entertainment in the hopes that the company will take actions to protect Luda and the rest of their idols.


Currently, Starship Entertainment has yet to make a statement about the incident but fans are hopeful they will be doing so soon. In the meantime, they’ve been sending a whole lot of love to Luda to show her their support.