Cosmic Girls’ Fans Worry About Xuanyi, Following Godfrey Gao’s Passing

Xuanyi was filming this controversial show with Godfrey Gao when he passed away.

Cosmic Girls‘ fans are worried for Xuanyi, following news of Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao’s sudden passing.


On November 27, Godfrey Gao passed away after suffering an apparent heart attack while filming the Chinese variety show Chase Me. According to Godfrey Gao’s agency, he fell while running on set and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


Xuanyi was reportedly on scene, also filming for Chase Me when Godfrey Gao passed away. On November 28,  Xuanyi changed her Weibo profile photo to all black, worrying fans. Sources say that she left Ningbo (where the filming was taking place) on the day of Godfrey Gao’s passing and returned to Beijing with staff. Here the staff will arrange for a professional to help Xuanyi through these difficult times and make sure that she is okay.


Chase Me is receiving criticism for being extremely dangerous and unprepared to handle safety concerns. A past video of Xuanyi filming for the Chase Me has resurfaced, in light of the controversy.


People say that in this video Xuanyi could not get up, saying, “Help me, I don’t have any strength left”. The staff did not immediately aid her, even after hearing her plea for help.

Source: New York Post

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