The Price Tag For Actor Nam Goong Min And Jin Areum’s Lavish Wedding Has Been Revealed, And It Is Shocking

The couple married on October 7 at the Silla Hotel.

Nam Goong Min and Jin Areum‘s wedding costs have been revealed and fans are shocked at the ceremony’s price tag.

Nam Goong Min (left) and Jin Areum (right) | @jin_areum/Instagram

On the October 13 episode of KBS2’s Entertainment Company Live, the show reported on actor Nam Goong Min and model Jin Areum’s wedding. The two were married at the luxurious Silla Hotel on October 7, after seven years of dating.

| @min_namkoong/Instagram

In the episode, a wedding planner was featured and estimated the cost of the couple’s wedding. According to the wedding planner, one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is the flower arrangements.

The flower decorations are especially pricy. The decorations can cost between ₩20.0 million KRW (about $14,000 USD) and ₩30.0 million KRW (about $21,000 USD).

— Wedding planner

The wedding planner also estimated the cost of food per guest as well as the cost of renting Jin Areum’s beautiful wedding gown.

For the guest’s meals, including the ceremonial noodles, it costs around ₩180,000 KRW (about $126 USD) per guest. The dress had never been worn before. It costs around ₩7.00 million KRW (about $4,890 USD) to be the first to wear a dress.

— Wedding planner

| @jin_areum/Instagram
| @jin_areum/Instagram

In total, the wedding planner estimated that the couple’s wedding would have cost between ₩100 million KRW (about $69,900 USD) and ₩200 million KRW (about $140,000 USD).

Wedding planner |

Another reason why the wedding snared news headlines was its gaudy guests. The wedding featured a star-studded guest list that included actor Jung Moon Sung, TVXQ, Park Shin Hye, Choi Tae Joon, Seo Hyo Rim, 2PM‘s Lee Junho, and Super Junior‘s Kim Hee Chul, among others.

Nam Goong Min with Jang Young Nam (middle) Jung Moon Sung (right) | @min_namkoong/Instagram



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