Jo Jung Suk Or Park Jung Min? Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Picks The Costar She Wants To Film Another Movie With

We’d love to see her act alongside both of them again!

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA just revealed which of her former costars she’d want to work on another project with!

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA | @yoona__lim/Instagram

YoonA and Hyoyeon recently appeared on Sunny’s show Legendary Trainee to offer advice to Soonkyu, a fictional K-Pop trainee played by Sunny.


After they shared tips for Soonkyu and other trainees, YoonA and Hyoyeon played a balance game, which is like the game “Would You Rather?”

During the balance game, Sunny asked YoonA, “Which actor would you like to meet again for your next work?” As she asked YoonA this question, Sunny showed photos of YoonA alongside Jo Jung Suk in the film Exit and alongside Park Jung Min in the film Miracle.

YoonA reacted to the question by yelling, “This is too much!” Hyoyeon agreed and said, “It’s like choosing between mom and dad.” 

Sunny said “you worked so well with both of them” before reminding YoonA that she trained in rock climbing for Exit alongside Jo Jung Seok and that Park Jung Min is her most recent costar.

In the end, YoonA chose Park Jung Min. She explained her reason for not picking Jo Jung Seok by saying “after the movie Exit, he got a job as a doctor” in reference to his role in the K-Drama Hospital Playlist. When Sunny asked if that was why she didn’t choose him, she jokingly said “yes, he’s out because he betrayed me.” 

Of course, YoonA doesn’t really feel betrayed by Jo Jung Seok. After answering the question she thanked him while making a heart with her hands, so we’re sure she’d love to work with him again, too!

Watch the full episode of Legendary Trainee below.

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