Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Hyoyeon’s #1 Tip For K-Pop Trainees

Can you guess what it is?

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Hyoyeon appeared on the latest episode of Sunny‘s YouTube series, Legendary Trainee, and they were absolutely hilarious! They also shared tips that helped them make it through life as a K-Pop trainee and debut as members of one of the most iconic girl groups ever.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left), Sunny (middle), and Hyoyeon (right) | @515sunnyday/Instagram

In Legendary Trainee, Sunny transforms into Soonkyu, a talented young trainee who hasn’t debuted yet, and gets advice from K-Pop idols. Of course, Soonkyu was thrilled to meet Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Hyoyeon!


When YoonA and Hyoyeon arrived, the 3 Girls’ Generation members danced some of the choreography from their debut song “Into the New World.”

They reminisced about the good old days while eating McDonald’s, and Sunny asked YoonA and Hyoyeon for tips on making it to debut as Soonkyu.

YoonA and Hyoyeon introduced their tip by simply saying “footsteps,” which confused Sunny.

YoonA explained, “Sometimes, after a long practice, you want to take a short break. But right at that time, someone passes by and asks, ‘Have you been resting this entire time?'”

YoonA’s explanation sparked memories of trainee life for Hyoyeon and she exclaimed, “Oh, I’ve heard this too many times!”

Then, YoonA continued, “If you hear footsteps while resting, you have to get up quickly and continue practicing.”

Sounds like the best way to ensure you move from K-Pop trainee to K-Pop idol is to impress the company with how dedicated you are to practicing!

See the full episode of Legendary Trainee below.

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