Countdown to iKON’s official debut with warm-up single “My Type” begins

If you haven’t started counting down to iKON‘s official debut, well YG Entertainment has started it out for you!

The winners of the MIX&MATCH trainee survival competition will finally make their long-awaited debut in just a matter of hours, warming up with their first single My Type.

Not only will fans get a single, a music video is expected to be released as well along with it.

Fans will get even more of iKON following the end of My Type‘s promotion as they are schedule to release half of an album titled Welcome Back with six tracks on October 1st and the second half with an additional six tracks released on November 2nd. Additionally, they will hold their very first solo concert named SHOWTIME on October 3rd at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.

Look out for iKON’s My Type on September 15th.

Meanwhile, watch the countdown go at YG-Life!

YG Entertainment via YG-Life
YG Entertainment via YG-Life

Source: The Star Chosun