Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young returns from a parental trip to Thailand

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young, known to be one of the sweetest couples in the industry, returned from a parental trip to Thailand.

On March 30th, multiple affiliated acquaintances confirmed that the couple came back from their week long parental trip in Thailand. Upon arrival in Korea, they will be focused on parental care up until Lee Bo Young’s due date.

Reportedly, the two have been spotted by the local fans in Thailand during their vacation. In particular, fans caught Ji Sung’s sweet and caring actions to his wife. Hearsay tells that Lee Bo Young still looks beautiful and elegant like an actress despite her due date approaching soon.

Meanwhile, after six years of relationship known by the public, the two tied the knot in 2013. After a year into their marriage, the couple announced they will be having their first child together and garnered huge attention by the fans. Currently, Lee Bo Young is seven months pregnant.

Source: TV Report