“Crash Course in Romance” Actress Jeon Do Yeon Becomes A Hot Topic After Viral Photos From Her 20s Showcase Her Shocking Visuals

She literally hasn’t aged a day…

One of the hottest shows right now that has captured the hearts of netizens worldwide is Crash Course In Romance, starring Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon. Although the show is nearing the end and has taken fans on a rollercoaster of emotions, it has truly shined.

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Since the show started airing, it has treated fans to hilarious, romantic, and just pure comedic moments from a cast of both established and rising stars.



With the season finale coming up, netizens are still obsessed with everything about the cast. Unsurprisingly, lead actress Jeon Do Yeon (who plays Nam Haeng Son) is no different.

In the show, Jeon Do Yeon truly showcased her unreal skills, taking netizens on a journey through her life.

Jeon Do Yeon as Nam Haeng Son

On a Korean forum, netizens recently found pictures of the veteran actress from when she was a young adult. In the photos, the actress shocked netizens with her unreal visuals, and, despite the low-quality pictures, Jeon Do Yeon showcased a natural beauty that even bad lighting couldn’t mask.

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Jeon Do Yeon seems identical to now, even in more playful shots, boasting unreal charisma and a sense of playfulness in her photos.

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When the photos were shared on online forums, Korean netizens couldn’t get enough of the pictures, sharing just how pretty Jeon Do Yeon has always been, even praising the actress for her selfies, before they were even made popular.

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  • “Wow…”
  • “Woah, she’s so pretty.”
  • “She’s so pretty and she takes selfies well, LOL.”
  • “She’s so lovely.”
  • “Wow, she’s so pretty it is crazy.”
  • “She looks so refreshing.”

Yet, she’s not the first star from the show to gain attention for her old pictures. Roh Yeon Soo, who plays daughter Nam Hae Yi, also took the internet by storm after her pre-debut pictures from school were shared online.

Roh Yoon Seo who plays Nam Haey Yi in her high school pictures | Wikitree
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With the show coming to an end, the cast will hopefully continue to see their fame and popularity rise. Jeon Do Yeon has spent years in the industry and is rightly getting the praise she deserves.

You can read more about the cast of the show below.

“Crash Course In Romance” Rising Star Roh Yoon Seo Becomes A Hot Topic After Her High School Photos And Incredible Education Resurface

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