Korean Netizens Voice Their Negative Reactions To A Scene In “Crash Course In Romance” Hinting At A New “Loveline”

International netizens were less concerned!

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One of the hottest K-Dramas right now has to be Crash Course In Romance. The show follows a star maths tutor Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho), who meets shop owner Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon).

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The show has gained a lot of attention after watching the blossoming romance between the two lead characters…

But also the story development between the supporting stars.


In the recent episode, amongst the advancement in the leading relationship and shocking news about Mr. Ji, viewers were exposed to a possible new “Loveline” between two unexpected characters: Nam Haeng Son’s brother Nam Jae Woo (Oh Eui Sik) and her best friend Kim Yeong Joo (Lee Bong Ryun).

In the scene, the two characters are eating and drinking at an outside restaurant when Kim Yeong Joo expresses her loneliness. The character adds that she is good-looking and has a great personality, explaining that she would be a catch for someone.

When Jae Woo goes to have some food, Yeong Joo jokingly explains that if he eats it, they’re dating.

Shocked at the sudden outburst, Jae Woo exclaims, “Gross,” before explaining that it would feel weird to imagine her as his girlfriend.

Earlier in the episode, Kim Yeong Joo seemingly continues the storyline after small actions make her rethink her previously platonic relationship with Nam Jae Woo.

When the episode was released, international netizens shared their reactions to the unexpected “Loveline” that seemed to be emerging. Many shared their sympathy for Yeong Joo as her loneliness was emphasized but also the shocking nature of the plot twist.

While others praised the writers for showcasing the complexities of Asperger syndrome and how it related to Nam Jae Woo’s reaction in the clip.

Yet, while international netizens thought the scene reflected the “lonely” status of Kim Yeong Joo and pitied the character, Korean netizens had a more negative stance on the episode. A media outlet reported that Korean fans had negative reactions to the possible teasing of a new “Loveline.”

While netizens will have to wait to see what happens between the two supporting characters, it will be interesting to see how the sentiment of viewers changes if the story develops.
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