CRAVITY Completely Change Up Their Look For Black Rouge Cosmetics

They’re looking adorable while climbing their way to the top!

Starship Entertainment‘s rookie group CRAVITY were chosen as the models for the Korean cosmetic brand Black Rouge back in October 2020. The announcement was paired with photos of them dressed in red and black suits, looking like elegant and sophisticated young men.

| Black Rouge

Recently, the brand took to Twitter to share their promotional shots for their new Half And Half water tint, set to be released on February 22, and they look completely different than in their first ads!

| @blackrouge_kr/Twitter

All the members look absolutely adorable, each sporting a unique makeup look! Serim is sporting a colourful eye look, with bright pinks and blues, while Allen‘s makeup is lighter but the heart gem on the corner of his eye adds some extra flair.

Serim (left) and Allen (right). | @blackrouge_kr/Twitter

Jungmo with the subtle heart glitter across his cheekbone and Woobin with big lipstick kiss marks on his cheek make quite the duo!

Jungmo (left) and Woobin (right). | @blackrouge_kr/Twitter

Wonjin, Minhee and Hyeongjun had fun with the props, the three of them holding different toys. Wonjin and Minhee have fake glittery freckles, with Minhee’s spelling out Black Rouge, whereas Hyeongjun just has adorable red hearts—perfectly fitting for Valentine’s Day!

(From left to right) Wonjin, Minhee and Hyeongjun. | @blackrouge_kr/Twitter

Seongmin falls right into the role of adorable maknae with stars dotting his face and the plush bunny, whereas Taeyoung is the opposite, playing more into the bad-boy look with the bandaid across his nose and boxing gloves.

Seongmin (left) and Taeyoung (right). | @blackrouge_kr/Twitter

Not only are CRAVITY super-rookies, coming in 22nd in the list of top 50 most popular boy groups in Korea for January 2021, they’re looking adorable while climbing their way to the top!