CRAVITY Arguing Over Pineapple Pizza May Be The Most Chaotic Thing You’ll See All Day

Which team are you on?

On an episode of Highly Debatable with Good Housekeeping, CRAVITY had to answer highly-debatable questions and, as the name may suggest, spent a lot of time debating them.

| @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

Of course, all the questions are made to be debated, but the one that sparked the most chaotic argument between the members was whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

When the question was asked, Woobin immediately fell out of his chair!

“I’m very disappointed because I’m the mania of pizza,” said Woobin. “I don’t get why they are put [on] pizza.”

But when Allen asked whether he had ever tried it, Woobin’s answer was a firm no!

Taeyoung‘s response to that was very logical: “You are not a mania of pizza, you haven’t even tried pineapple pizza!”

Woobin then quickly backtracked, saying that he actually had tried it, but it just wasn’t his style.

Then, to add fuel to the fire, Allen asked them if they had ever tried boba pizza!

They were all outraged at the thought of bubble tea pizza!

Returning to the topic of pineapple pizza, Wonjin then came up with an well-constructed argument with the help of Allen: “[The pineapple] is like a palate cleanser for the greasiness of the pizza.”

Woobin was not willing to let the topic go!

“It’s fruit!” he argued. “Why do you eat warm pineapple?”

Jungmo then argued, asking “Why do you eat dessert?! Pizza is pizza, dessert is dessert!”

“Have you heard of deep-fried bananas before?” Allen then asked. “That’s fruit, too.”

But Woobin was firm on his anti-pineapple pizza stance. “No,no but [fried] banana tastes like sweet potato.”

Finally, Taeyoung had to step in as the lighthearted voice of reason: “Yeah, you need to calm down. You don’t like that but you have to respect someone who loves that!”

With Jungmo and Taeyoung egging him on, Woobin issued an apology to his pineapple-pizza loving friends.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “I love you, [the] many Hawaiian Pizza lovers.”

You can watch them heavily debate pineapple pizza in the video below!