CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun And Seongmin Reveal The Changes In Themselves 1 Year After Their Debut

They also shared their resolve and promise to become even better artists!

CRAVITY‘s Hyeongjun and Seongmin opened up about their group anniversary, career, and more!

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The two CRAVITY members recently shot a unit editorial for the May issue of Marie Claire Korea, and in the released photos, the two flaunted their incredible visuals in unique fashion and styling only they could pull off! From see-through blouses, tie-dye denim, and lettering ball caps, they totally killed the photoshoot!

In the accompanying interview, the two talked about the changes they felt in themselves as well as each other in the one year they spent together since their debut! Maknae Seongmin shared that his impression of Hyeongjun changed, and for the better!

I learned something new about the members. I used to think that Hyeongjun was just always cute, but I learned that cute wasn’t the only thing. I was able to see that he had strong leadership skills while we promoted.


Hyeongjun agreed with Seongmin, and commented on his personality!

It’s true. If I were to compare myself to an animal, I am a leopard and not a cat.



The two idols were then asked about how they’ve grown since their last promotions, and they gave their own perspectives on the idea of growth for them! Hyeongjun shared how he believes he’s grown over their past year of promotions!

They say that you have grown if you embarrassed when watching your past self. I can’t watch my previous stages or variety show videos because I’m embarrassed so I think that’s when I feel that I have grown.


Seongmin also commented on his own growth, sharing how he’s learning new things about himself everyday!

I’m slowly learning things that I didn’t know because it was my first time. Just like today’s photoshoot, I am trying to accustom myself on how to pose or how to look at the camera on stage.



As they wrapped up the interview, Hyeongjun and Seongmin showed their resolve as artists and promised to become even better and stronger.

When we prepare for awards or are invited to an important event, it shows just how far we have come, and makes us want to show an even better version of ourselves to many people.

CRAVITY made their last comeback with the mini-album Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice in January 2021, and in March, began promotions for their B-side track “Bad Habits”.

Watch the MV for “Bad Habits” here!

Source: Newsis and Marie Claire Korea