CRAVITY’s Jungmo Sends A Touching Message To His Role Model BTS’s V, And It Proves He Is A True ARMY

“I really miss you so much…”

When it comes to K-Pop, there is no denying that BTS has made a mark on the industry spreading their influence and music to a global audience, connecting to the hearts of fans.

Yet, it seems as if it isn’t just fans who are inspired by the group and, over the years, several idols have shared their love and respect for the members. In particular, many have shared their respect and admiration for member V!


In particular, one idol has shared his love for BTS’s V, and that is CRAVITY member Jungmo! The idol group recently appeared on MBC FM4U’s radio program Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope with fellow member Hyeongjun and CIX‘s Bae Jin Young and Hyunsuk.

Members of CRAVITY and CIX | @mbcradio12/ Instagram

During the show, the host asked the idols if any of them had a chance to meet celebrities they’ve always dreamed of meeting after they debuted. Although Hyeongun adorably revealed he was excited to meet Bae Jin Young that day, Jungmo explained that his dream meeting hadn’t happened yet.

I am a fan of BTS sunbaenims and would really like to meet V!

— CRAVITY’s Jungmo

After revealing his dream to meet the BTS singer, Jugmo also sent V the cutest video message to one of his favorite artists, proving that he is a true ARMY!

Hello sunbaenim. I really miss you so much. I’ve been an ARMY since high school, and attended all your concerts, collected all the goods and lastly bought all your albums. I hope I’m able to meet you soon one day.

— CRAVITY’s Jungmo

It isn’t the first time that Jungmo has shared his love for V and how the singer has inspired him. On several occasions, Jungmo has shared that not only is he a fan of BTS, but the members are a source of inspiration as an idol.

In particular, when it came to V, Jungmo revealed that he had learned many facial expressions and performance skills after watching him on stage.

There is no denying that V is a King on stage and the perfect role model for any aspiring K-Pop and those already making their name in the industry. Yet, with CRAVITY showing their own skills with their latest comeback and track “Gas Pedal,” there is no denying that many idols will look up to Jungmo and his members in the future.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @thetaeprint