CRAVITY Thanks Fans For Supporting “Flame” And Reveals Next Goal Is To Enter The Billboard Charts

They thank fans for the support.

With CRAVITY’s new comeback with “Flame,” the group held a Q&A to talk about their new album and their future goals. Last month, the group made a comeback with their new album CRAVITY SEASON 2. HIDEOUT : THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO.

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They also recently won the Rookie Award at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards as well as made their first win on the music program THE SHOW.

You recently won the rookie award as well as a win on a music program. Anything you would like to say about this?

Serim: Truthfully, although we were excited for our new concept, we were also nervous to see if our fans would like it. Thankfully everyone seemed to like it so we were happy. We feel like we are always receiving so much love from our fans and we will pay them back with an amazing performance in the future.

Wonjin: I was so surprised when we made our win on THE SHOW that I lost the strength in my legs. I also cried a lot. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel like a bunch of energy will pour out again for our next stage. Thanks to your fans and I love you all.

Although you’ve made some great achievements this comeback, are there any other goals that you would like to reach?

Serim: Our goal is to have our album and song appear on the Billboard chart! We want to share our music and performances with the world and receive a lot of love from people. I think I wouldn’t know what to do if someday we find out our song is ranked on the Billboard chart.

Minhee: Because all our members have great teamwork, I hope that we will continue to promote and work together for a long time. I want to try out different genres and concepts together.

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What do you want to do the most after the COVID-19 situation gets better?

Sungmin: Of course it would be to do hold a concert. We performed for the first time in front of fans at the 2020 Soribada awards and I still can feel that moment. I can’t wait to perform in front of our fans in-person at a concert soon.

Jungmo: A fan meeting! We want to perform for our fans and actually talk with our fans in person. Truthfully, I’m more worried that I won’t be able to say anything to the fans because I’d be so nervous.

How would you explain your “Flame” title track performance?

Hyeongjun: “Flame,” to put it simply, is a performance that shows an unexpected charm. Our team’s visuals and outfits give off a natural yet powerful vibe. Our stage performance is filled with strong yet smooth charisma.

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What is the next concept that you would like to try out?

Taeyoung: I want to try something a bit more soft and warm. Something that will make your heart flutter.

Minhee: I want to try something a bit more sultry and sexy. Most of our performances have been fierce and charismatic, so I want to try something a bit more emotional.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Allen: Thanks so much for loving “Flame.” We will always try our best to be better than before. We love you and thank you!

Woobin: Thanks for always supporting us! It is because of you all that we were able to win on The Show and make it to number one on the charts. See you all soon on stage!

Seongmin: Although we are going through a rough time now, I hope that you will gain strength from our songs. Thanks for all the support.

Wonjin: “Flame” is about breaking your own limits and if it wasn’t for our fans, we wouldn’t have had such a great outcome. Thanks to our fans for loving us! We will continue to work hard to show only our best for you all!

Check out their official music video below!

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