Crayon Pop drops surprise collaboration single with Chinese male group DT Boys

Crayon Pop has revealed a surprised collaboration with Chinese male group DT Boys, which was recently reeased on through various Chinese online sites on January 22nd.According to online news sites such as CCTV, CNTV, and QQ, the two groups completed recording the track “123 Happy New Year” along with its music video late last year. Chrome Entertainment, Crayon Pop’s agency, further added that the girl group had been receiving a lot of love calls from China, therefore the collaboration with DT Boys.

“123 Happy New Year” is a track that conveys a lot of warmth and happiness despite the cold season. It also features a bright melody and powerful drum beats that will make you smile upon hearing it as you ready for the Lunar New Year. In addition, Crayon Pop can be seen adorning the traditional Chinese clothing in the upcoming music video.

DT Boys consist of members Wei Yining, Chen Xiao, and Wang Bowen under Dien Tong Entertainment.

DT Boys and Crayon Pop will be performing the track for the first time on January 30th at the Youth AMIGO festivities to be held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China.

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Source: Sports World