Crayonpop Soyul announces indefinite hiatus due to panic disorder

Crayonpop Soyul has announced that she will be going on an indefinite hiatus due to panic disorder.

Group Crayonpop’s member Soyul (Park Hye Kyung) has announced that she will be taking an indefinite leave due to panic disorder. The group has announced that they plan to continue promoting as 4. On the 3rd, a company personnel stated that she was diagnosed with panic disorder preparing for “Evolution Pop”. Her condition worsened as she began goin on camera and she began to show signs of harsh anxiety, fever and nausea at which point they decided to halt her activities.

They plan to let her fully recover before they plan on any future activities for her.

Crayonpop released their first official album “Evolution Pop” on September 26th and is promoting their title song “Doo Doom Chit”

A company personnel commented “They have had a hiatus of  1.5 years and during that time their environment completely changed starting from their CEO to all the staff around them. I think the condition was triggered by the stress of making the album as masterful as possible”


Source: Sports Donga