Creators of KakaoTalk launches Uber’s competitor, KakaoTaxi

KakaoTalk‘s creator, Daum Kakao, launched the start of their new taxi service, KakaoTaxi on March 31st, which will be available in South Korea.

KakaoTaxi seems to be the new rival to Uber as it will have similar features, such as allowing customers to find the nearest taxi, pick-up locations, estimated time of arrival, a photo of the driver, description of the vehicle, and more.

The new taxi service will have licensed taxi operators behind the wheel at all times. Daum Kakao also teamed up with Korea Smart Card Corp., allowing costumers to pay for the taxi rides with their subway passes.

In addition, customers will not have to worry as much when it comes to privacy. KakaoTaxi will automatically delete messages that the customer and driver exchanged with each other through a chat. The service will also not allow drivers to access customers’ phone numbers.

Meanwhile, KakaoTaxi is available to Android users and will be available to iOS users in April.

Source: Tech Crunch