Cre.ker Entertainment Announces Hwall Will Withdraw From THE BOYZ

He will no longer be part of THE BOYZ.

In saddening news for THE B, Cre.ker Entertainment has just announced that Hwall will be withdrawing from THE BOYZ, effective immediately.

In their statement, they stated that Hwall had previously halted promotions due to his ankle injury.

Hello, this is Cre.ker Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank all of the fans for their endless love and interest they give THE BOYZ. We would like to share some sad news about Hwall.

Hwall had temporarily suspended his official activities and album promotions due to pain in his ankle, as well as poor condition in general, and committed himself to recovery. In addition, we had in-depth conversations with Hwall and his family about the possibility of future activities.

— Cre.ker Entertainment

However, it was determined that Hwall would not be able to continue promoting with the group, and thus leave THE BOYZ.

After careful consideration, Hwall expressed his intentions to halt his activities, due to various health reasons and psychological burdens. After fully discussing the issue with Hwall and his family, we have decided to respect his intentions.

We are announcing that Hwall has ended his time as a member of THE BOYZ. We are very sorry to announce these news to the fans who have been waiting for his return.

— Cre.ker Entertainment

Cre.ker Entertainment stated that they will continue to provide support for Hwall in the future, even though he left THE BOYZ.

We will continue to provide support for the recovery of Hwall, and support his future course of action.

Even though he will no longer be a member of THE BOYZ, we will continue to cheer on his future, and he will focus on his recovery while still cheering on THE BOYZ. We ask for your understanding.

THE BOYZ will work hard to meet fans soon with better music and promotions.

Thank you.

— Cre.ker Entertainment


Source: Newsen