Cross Gene reveals tracklist and jacket image for their upcoming mini album “Play With Me”

In preparation of the release of their upcoming mini album, Cross Gene reveals the track list and jacket image for Play With Me.

After two years and five months of the release of their first mini album, TIMELESS:BEGINS, Cross Gene is finally coming back with a new mini album titled, Play With Me.

Including past tracks released in 2014, such as “Amazing Bad Lady,” “My Love Song,” and “I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man,” Cross Gene will also include some new tracks in their second mini-album.

Consisting of six tracks, Play With Me will include the additional songs of “Watch Out,” “Play With Me,” and “Holiday.” The group also revealed a jacket photo of the members in a new light. The members are dressed in street wear with leather from  head to toe as well as giving themselves a wild appearance.

Play With Me will include tracks that deal with multiple stories of love and is targeted for all types of people. Cross Gene hopes that fans will show them lots of love for their upcoming mini album. The album will be released on April 13th.