[★TRENDING] Crown J Reveals What Really Happened With Seo In Young In Dubai

OSEN has released an interview with Crown J regarding what happened on the set of With You Season 2, and the controversy surrounding Seo In Young‘s behavior towards the staff.

Leaked footage of Seo In Young verbally assaulting the staff of With You Season 2 soon spread like wildfire and led to the end of their appearance as a married couple on the show.

Shortly after, Crown J defended Seo Inyoung’s actions and stood up for her, after she faced major backlash from fans of the show, which ultimately led to her shying away from her social media to avoid the negative criticism.

During an exclusive interview Crown J revealed what he thought may have caused the happening in Dubai, as well as how he felt about the situation.

“I feel sad and disappointed. I thought we would just start filming again the next day after In Young had some trouble with the staff. We can all have bad days. But the next day came, there was no change, and In Young left for Korea.

I talked a lot with the staff, but they told me, ‘In this situation, wouldn’t the only solution be that the ant couple leaves the show? We can’t film you by yourself…’ Both the staff and myself were extremely disappointed.”

– Crown J

He then added that filming in Dubai with In Young was not as bad as it was portrayed. The director and staff of the show reportedly grew very close to both Crown J and In Young, where the director even helped Crown J film a music video for his recently released song “HAJIMA“.

“Everything before that was great. In Young and I were great on and off camera ever since filming We Got Married. We stayed in touch for a very long time. We also met often outside of our filming schedules, met up to eat, and went to each others’ birthday parties.

We became really close to the staff too. It’s absolutely true you become closer to those you vacation with. When we film in Korea, our relationship ends as soon as filming ends… But since we became close to the staff, we found out how much work they put in for us. Since we’re both doing tough work, we became close very quickly. The director even filmed my music video for “HAJIMA” in Dubai. It wasn’t aired, but he helped me a lot.”

– Crown J

When asked if he was keeping in touch with In Young ,Crown J responded that he had been unsuccessful in contacting her.

“We haven’t been in touch personally. After Dubai, when In Young came back to Korea… We could have talked, but it was a difficult situation for us to stay in touch, I can’t really talk about it.”

– Crown J

Crown J was also asked why he thinks Seo In Young had difficulty with the filming schedule of “With You Season 2” in Dubai, to which he explained,

“I think it was difficult for In Young to live a group life with others. There were no problems when it was just me and her. People have different personalities, and they like and dislike different things, and to In Young, living with a group wasn’t easy. Since she couldn’t bear it, I think several situations that happened during that time may have led to the conflict.”

– Crown J

Despite the negative attention the ant couple received due to the leaked footage of Seo In Young’s verbal assaults, Crown J remains positive and outlined what he has in store for the music industry.

“I want to release one song every month, and I want to become closer to the public by starring on many television programs. I took a long rest, so I’m planning on showing you that much more.”

– Crown J

When asked if he had anything to say to Seo In Young, he replied,

“I believe there’s a reason for everything that happens. It may be bad now, and you may be suffering, but I’m sure you will earn something greater in return. I hope you don’t miss it and grab it when the opportunity comes.”

– Crown J

Here’s a reminder of the controversy involving Seo In Young and the staff members of “With You Season 2”:


Source: OSEN