Crucial Star releases new album, “Midnight”

Rapper Crucial Star has released Midnight, his first studio album and full length release since his EP A Star From the Basement in 2011. The release of the 15-track album marks Crucial Star’s fourth release of 2014, after working on singles with Shin Jisu and Sojin of Girl’s Day earlier this year.

While the rapper has been known for performing his own hooks in addition to his written verses, he has enlisted the help of several guest rappers and vocalists for his latest album, including Taylor, Louie of hip-hop duo Geeks, Lovey, Mayson The Soul, Donutman, Konsoul, and Loco. One notable album credit is attributed to American jazz artist Bob James, whose 2001 song “Dancing on the Water” is sampled on “Shops Selling Dreams”. Earlier this year, Crucial Star released “Paris”, “Pretty Girl”, and “Blessing” as promotional singles for the album.

Throughout the album, Crucial Star blends hip-hop, jazz, soul, and R&B elements in his tracks, while also showing off his vocal range on the hooks and a variety of flows in his verses. Beyond the jazzy influence of Bob James, Crucial Star also references other influential hip-hop artists on tracks, like “Headache Pill / Become A Man”, “Fire”, and “Owl”, including Big Sean, Wale, Drake, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

When describing his first studio album, Crucial Star had this to say:

Midnight shares a story that started in the depth of night, a time where thoughts increase, and at the same time, another day begins. The album deals with questions about one’s future and the reason one lives. Midnight is an album that has a lot to do with finding one’s dreams and what they desire. Though an accurate answer cannot be ascertained, for now I feel as if I’ve realized my dream and what I should do, to some degree: to move the hearts of others through the lyrics and songs that I make, changing someone’s dark feelings into optimistic ones, to make someone who is straying walk towards the right path – that is what I want to make happen. Though I am lacking, I believe this is the reason why I live and am happy. This album is the first step for me to walk the path that I have drawn for myself. If this song will make a lot of people think through the songs, then this album is a success.

Check out Crucial Star’s Midnight, available for sale on sites like Melon, Bugs, and Mnet Music.

“Midnight” (feat. Taylor)

“Leaving The Room”

“Limousine Dream”

“Headache Pill / Become A Man”

“Busy Man” (feat. Louie of Geeks)

“Pretty Girl” (feat. Lovey)


“Dreams Forgotten (Interlude)”

“Shops Selling Dreams” (feat. Bob James, Mayson The Soul)

“Owl” (feat. Donutman)


“Sweet Life” (feat. Konsoul)

“I’m The One”

“Same Boy” (feat. Loco)


Source: Mnet Music