Crush Announces That He Will Be Leaving Amoeba Culture After 6 Years

He announced the news on Instagram.

After six years of being signed to Amoeba Culture, Crush took to Instagram to share that he was leaving the company. He confirmed that after leaving the company, he along with his manager will be setting up his own one-man agency. He thanks the staff in Amoeba Culture for helping raise him, giving big thanks to Dynamic Duo for being an inspiration for him growing up.


Hello, this is Crush.

On June 4, I will be leaving Amoeba Culture after six years. All the staff at Amoeba Cultre have been so supportive and I could rely on them whenever I was sad. They would given me lots of support and affection, and I now have grown my wings to fly freely. I have admired Dynamic Duo since junior high, and I have learned many things from them, and they have given me the courage to pursue a new start.

Now, I will be leaving my friends and go with my manager Hyo Su to start my own one-man agency. Even though there will be new challenges, I will try to go through life with joy and happiness. I will be a singer who does not lose his heart. I hope you will keep on eye on Crush as well as Amoeba Culture.

Thank you.

Source: Instagram