Crush Has Officially Completed His Military Service!

He completed his service on August 11 and is now returning home!

On August 11, 2022, it was announced that Crush had completed his alternative military service of 1 year and 9 months.

| ChosunBiz

Singer Crush has been honourably discharged from the military. Crush has been officially discharged after completing social service at a public institution near Yongsan on August 11th. He enlisted in November 2020 and spent 1 year and 9 months completing alternative service.


Crush | News1

While Crush has featured on songs “Happier” by PSY and “Stupid Love Song” by AKMU in 2021, he has not released music of his own since 2020 with the release of his EP “with HER.”


With fans excited for his return, Crush is set to perform on August 28, 2022, at the RESSFECT FESTIVAL alongside LEE HI, Loco, GRAY, and others!

RESFFECT FESTIVAL Poster | EMFFL Entertainment

In August 2021, the news revealed that Crush was dating Red Velvet‘s Joy. With his military release, it is expected that they will enjoy their time together without the stressor of the military.

Joy and Crush | @netizenbuzz/Twitter

Crush’s return to music is highly anticipated, and he is sure to deliver with his silky vocals and catchy melodies soon!