Fans Defend Crush’s Lyrics After It’s Scrutinized For Allegedly Being About Red Velvet’s Joy

“What’s the issue?”

Netizens suspect Crush‘s “Ego” is about his girlfriend, Joy.

Crush (left) and Joy (right) | daum

On November 15, a post titled “People Are Saying Crush’s New Lyrics Are About His Girlfriend” went viral.

In the post, the author uploaded the lyrics to Crush’s single “Ego.” The lyrics are translated below.

You say I’m doing too much, but it’s dangerous at night, so let me (walk you) just until the entrance to your place.

You’re such a tease. How are you so pretty? I don’t want to be away from you. I’m upset because I want to stay.

My tone is like a tantrum. You soothe me with a kiss. A light turns on above our heads. And it shimmers.

(Chorus) [Girl you killed my ego. How are you so pretty? I don’t want to be away from you. I’m upset because I want to stay.

I hate you (in a baby way), I hate you, hate you, hate you.]

The melody I hum alone, um. Is the song we listened to together, um. I smile when I see you after missing you. We are becoming so alike

Just like how clothes blend with strong colors, my heart is blending with you. Only white clouds. (So, I’m saying) Can’t I just go with you to walk your dog? Huh?


Even played out words like
Saying that I love you
Are fitting for what we’re feeling
And they shine brighter tonight


Netizens reacted to the lyrics with many exclaiming how cute they are. Although there were some netizens who complained about being able to envision the couple together, most felt the lyrics were completely fine.

  • “It must be hard for (her) fans.”
  • “How cute, LOL.”
  • “Maybe it’s because of the title, but someone did come to mind while reading the lyrics, LOL.”
  • “Whether he’s in an open relationship or not, I don’t think there is anything wrong with these lyrics. They are cute.”
  • “Ah, LOL. Crush previously wrote a song about his dog, too. This reminds me of that. There is so much love in the lyrics.”
  • “The lyrics are sweet and cute.”
  • “So cute, LOL.”
  • “Non-fans will find this cute, but I understand fans of the idol who say they can envision (them together).”
  • “He says he hates her. How cute? Lol.”
  • “The lyrics are so cute and wholesome. What’s the issue?”
  • “Crush, I hate you more. Why did you take my Joy…”
  • “It’s not like he wrote anything weird. The lyrics are cute, LOL. It’s not like he’s forbidden to write love songs because he’s in an open relationship.”

What’s your thoughts?

Source: theqoo