Crush Reveals The Reason He Decided To Sign With PNATION

He opened up about his reasons.

Crush opened up about the reasons behind him joining PNATION, and also revealed what kind of a leader PSY is.

In a recent interview, Crush talked details about his new album, and from therein came the inquiry of his reason for joining PNATION. He revealed that he felt good about  joining the agency for one sole reason: since he tends to work from home, there was no demand for too many changes in work environment from the label, and so he was able to work comfortably.


I work mostly from home. Thankfully, however, there weren’t many changes in my work environment even after I joined the agency, so I was comfortable.



He also expressed his gratitude for PSY, and opened up about what an understanding and a good leader he was to him.

I am, however, grateful for the kind motivation and wholehearted support I receive. When I met up with PSY, and talked with him, he completely understood everything i needed with regards to the new things I wanted to try. Our communications with each other felt very easy, so I naturally decided to sign with him.

I’ve worked with many different artists abroad, but he’s a very good leader when it comes to content.




Crush also revealed that PSY was very satisfied with his new album, and gave him lots of great advice regarding music.


PSY likes my new album a lot, and he’s very satisfied. Actually, this was something I found out recently too, but he’s someone who’s very knowledgable about different kinds of sound and arrangement, so he gave me lots of good advice that really helped raise the standard and quality of the album.



Crush signed with PNATION in July 2019, and released his first single “NAPPA” under the agency in August. His latest comeback, released December 5, is his second full album titled From Midnight To Sunrise, with title track “Alone”. Following the release of his album, Crush will also hold his solo concert Crush On You: From Midnight To Sunrise form December 28, 29, and 31 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul.


Watch the MV for “Alone” here!