Cube Entertainment confirms sub-unit debut for BTOB’s vocal line

Shortly after the sudden surprise of a new release, Cube Entertainment has cleared all doubts and confirmed the reason for BTOB‘s sudden teaser.

A few hours ago, a behind the scenes photo at a music video filming set was revealed through BTOB’s official Twitter, shocking many fans as nobody was expecting such an announcement. However, fans now have their questions answered as the BTOB members had filmed a music video not for a full group comeback, but for the debut of BTOB’s first unit, BTOB-BLUE.

Comprising Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Sungjae, BTOB-BLUE will release their first digital single, “Stay by my side”. The track is revealed to be a ballad produced by the producing team behind SISTAR and TWICE. The sub-unit name suggests the usage of the fandom’s color, while suggesting that there might be other sub-units in the future with other colors.

In particular, three out of four of the vocal-line members have made an appearance on King of Mask Singer, where the audience gets to judge the singer without knowing the true identity of him or her. Lead vocalist Eunkwang was the most recent contestant on the show, while Sungjae was the first, followed by Changsub. All three made it to the second or third rounds.

In addition, BTOB’s Peniel was photographed in the teaser image as he had actively taken part in the music video filming process.

“Stay by my side” will be released on September 19th.

Source: xportsnews