Cube Entertainment Files Lawsuits Against Malicious Commenters

They will not take this lightly.

Cube Entertainment has announced that they have filed a series of lawsuits against malicious commenters and online offenders towards Cube’s artists.

Cube Entertainment stated, “As the number of malicious comments against our artists have started to increase rapidly, it has become difficult for our artists and our company to endure.”

They added, “We decided that we could no longer let this keep going and worry the fans and have proceeded with a criminal complaint against those that hold responsibility for their actions. We will not be lenient towards the perpetrators who will be subjected to severe punishment.”

Below is the official statement from Cube Entertainment.

Hello this is Cube Entertainment. First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to the fans who car and love our artists. Cube has established an artists rights protection committee to protect the rights and interests of our artists in order to prioritize and repay fans’ with good music. We have listened to the voices of fans online and have continuously monitored the cases of malicious rumors, sexual harassment editing that has mocked our artists.

— Cube Entertainment


Recently we found out that these malicious actions have worsened in terms of severity and has come to the point where it is difficult for Cube and the artists who receive love from the public, to handle. With fans’ concerns growing, we have decided that we can no longer just watch these actions occur. We have taken legal action in order to hold these offenders responsible for their crimes.

— Cube Entertainment


The malicious activities conducted by the offenders are punishable by law and we will not show any signs of leniency towards those receiving punishment for their crimes. We were able to go through with the lawsuit due to cooperation and support of the fans. We promise to work with fans in order to act upon these activities. Thank you once again for your love and support for our artists and we will continue to work hard to protect our artists. Thank you.

— Cube Entertainment

Fans hope that by taking a strict stance will help in reducing the amount of malicious comments against their artists.

Source: newsen