Cube Entertainment founder Hong Seung Sung to return as CEO

Hong Seung Sung, founder and former CEO of Cube Entertainment, will be returning as the chief executive officer after only a month and half since resigning earlier this year in July.

On September 2nd, Cube Entertainment released an official statement regarding the return of CEO Hong to the company, stating, “Although CEO Hong Seung Sung had previously announced that he would be stepping down from his chief executive position of Cube Entertainment on July 22nd on his personal Twitter account, he has decided to return to the company to help guide it in taking another step forward to success.

On July 22nd, 2016, CEO Hong left a message onto his Twitter account stating how apologetic he was for not being able to fix the current problems of the company before stepping down from his position.

Many fans of Cube Entertainment artists began to demand for details and answers on why the loving CEO would suddenly step down from the agency just as issues began arising among the company and company staff. The truth behind CEO Hong’s past resignation has yet to be revealed.

Some fans have even claimed that even though 4minute‘s disbandment was announced prior to CEO Hong’s resignation, the members were probably aware of his nearing departure and decided to stop promotions as a whole.

Cube Entertainment’s official statement regarding CEO Hong’s return is as follows:

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. We would like to inform you that CEO Hong Seung Sung, who had stepped away from the company for a short while within the last few months, will be returning to his former position. Although CEO Hong had previously announced on July 22nd that he would be leaving Cube Entertainment, the company he has poured his heart into, he has decided to return to guide the company in growing closer to success again. CEO Hong first founded Cube Entertainment in 2009, creating successful groups such as BEAST and 4minute, then BTOB, CLC, and soon-to-debut Pentagon. While creating these successful groups, CEO Hong was able to bring Cube Entertainment to one of the top agencies of South Korean music and entertainment. Because we so strongly respect CEO Hong’s abilities and experience in the industry, we believe that with his return, Cube Entertainment’s future will enter a ‘second generation of growth’. We, at Cube Entertainment, will continue to focus all of our strength in creating refreshing K-POP and cultural Hallyu content for the future.

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