Opinions Divided Over (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Upcoming Webdrama “Adult Trainee” And Its Provocative Premise

The characters include a teen addicted to masturbation…

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon was recently cast in an upcoming webdrama, Adult Trainee (literal translation). While filming has begun already, many began to grow worried due to the released introduction to the drama.

While many were already skeptical just from seeing the provocative posters…

…the premise worried even more fans. Adult Trainee will be 7 episodes long, and will tell the tale of hormonal teenagers as their bodies mature. It is written as a romantic comedy. You have Jaemin, who gets addicted to masturbation, conservative Yura who begins a risqué rendezvous with her male friend and overweight Naeun who’s never had a boyfriend before. The drama aims to express the raw and truthful worries and love stories of 18 year olds in a way that Gen Z can relate to.

A behind-the-scenes look was released on an online community.

Miyeon will star in the show opposite Ryu Ui Hyun, who shot to recognition after his past dating news with AOA‘s Hyejeong and his appearance in A-TEEN. He has since broken up with Hyejeong.

Fans and netizens alike remain divided about the news. While some feel that it might be similar to the well-loved Netflix show, Sex Education, others are worried for her as a female idol and criticized CUBE Entertainment.

  • “It isn’t 19+ and it just seems like it will talk about the sexual problems of teens so why are you guys fussing about being conservative? It’s not like they’ll have a sex scene and I think it’s about time that something that can educate on sex is released.”
  • “It’s not like they can force her if she said she didn’t want to. She probably has her own thoughts and chose it… Why do people blame the company all the time? When the school bullying thing came up they also blamed the company.”
  • “What’s that… Do they think it’s like Europe here or something… Won’t it become an issue if young teens copy it?”
  • “Feels like they’re making this crap drama to copy the vibes of the 19+ dramas on Netflix.”

Currently, the drama is in filming and will air in November on TVING.

Source: pann and chosun