Cube Entertainment To Launch New Unit With Lai Kuanlin And PENTAGON Wooseok

Fans are buzzing with anticipation.

Cube Entertainment has announced a new unit with former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin and PENTAGON‘s Wooseok.

On February 20, the agency shared a post announcing that they would be creating a new unit with Lai Kuanlin.


It has now been revealed that the second member was none other than Wooseok!


The team name is Wooseok X Kuanlin and fans are more than excited to find out more about the chemistry of these two visual rappers.


It is well known among fans that Lai Kuanlin looks up to Wooseok when it comes to rapping and therefore, they are expected to make the perfect duo.


Fans have already been buzzing with anticipation about their upcoming debut.

“Wooseok X Kuanlin, I’m so excited.”

“I support this visual combination.”

“Wooseok? Omg! I’m already looking forward to their chemistry.”


Wooseok X Kuanlin is set to make their debut in March and is currently in the last stages of their album production. Stay tuned!

Source: Osen