Cube Entertainment Announces PENTAGON Hui’s New Military Enlistment Date

Good luck to Hui!

PENTAGON‘s leader Hui‘s new military enlistment date has been finally released. Hui was originally set to enlist back on December 3, 2020, however, due to COVID-19, the date was ultimately postponed.

On February 1, Cube Entertainment released a statement regarding Hui’s enlistment:


This is Cube Entertainment.

This is an official announcement regarding PENTAGON member Hui’s military enlistment.

Hui will enlist at the training center on Thursday, February 18 and serve as a public service worker after completing his four weeks of basic military training.

For the prevention of COVID-19, the time and location of his enlistment will be kept private, and he will enlist privately without any special events.

Hui was originally scheduled to enlist last year on December 3, but his enlistment was delayed once in order to follow preemptive quarantine measures after he appeared on the same music show as a confirmed COVID-19 patient.

Please show warm support to PENTAGON’s Hui, who will diligently carry out his duties as a public service worker and return in good health.

— Cube Entertainment

Following Jinho, Hui is the second member of PENTAGON to enlist in the military.

Good luck to Hui!