Cube Entertainment responds to rumors of Rain returning with new album this fall

Rumor has it that world star singer and actor Rain will be making a return to the music industry this fall!

On July 17th, it was revealed in initial reports that he was preparing for a new album release aimed to be out sometimes this fall, adding that the month of release is aimed for October, but the release date was still in discussion.

However, Cube Entertainment quickly sent a statement regarding Rain’s comeback rumors and said, “Though he has consistently been working on songs as a singer, he currently has no plans to release a new album this October. He is currently reviewing his next projects as an actor and is also coordinating his international activities.”

Rain last released his 6th studio album Rain Effect in January 2014 with the special edition released in February. He returned with the double title track “30 Sexy” and “La Song.”

Source: Star News and Daily Sports