Cube Entertainment reveals profile for 1st CLC member, Jang Yee Eun

The first member to Cube Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group CLC has been revealed, along with a short profile for fans to familiarize themselves with her.

CLC, or CrystaL Clear, is gaining a lot of attention as they are the first girl group to come out of Cube Entertainment since 4MINUTE, and is the agency’s first group to feature a foreign member as well. Though they have released group photos and even a documentary-type video, the members have yet to be introduced to the public.

On March 10th, member Jang Yee Eun was formally presented to fans along with a short profile. Born in 1998 with the birth date of August 10th, Yee Eun currently attends Seoul of Performing Arts high school as a sophomore. She stands at 166cm (5’4″~) in height, weight 46kg (102lbs~), and has a blood type of B. Despite her innocent looks, Yee Eun takes the role as the rapper of CLC.

In the next upcoming days, the profiles of the remaining four members are sure to be revealed before their official debut with their 1st mini-album on March 19th.