Cube Entertainment Rumored To Be Working On A Group Named LIGHTSUM

Who’s excited for a new group?!

CUBE Entertainment is home to well-loved groups such as (G)I-DLE, BTOBPENTAGON, and CLC. Recently rumors have sprung up that CUBE Entertainment will be releasing a new group!

Supposedly the company is working on registering a trademark for the name LIGHTSUM. The company has made fans even more curious by setting up Twitter and Instagram accounts for the name.

| Instagram
| Twitter

It is unclear if these are true or when this group would come about, but the company is certainly making it look like they’re gearing up for a new group. Cube Entertainment not only posted a female trainee dance practice video on YouTube, but are also currently looking for male trainees.

Fans are speculating if this means that Han ChowonLee Joo Hyun, or Yoo Seonho will make their debut in a group, though nothing is certain.

What do you think of the name LIGHTSUM?