[★BREAKING] Cube is Re-Debuting BEAST With Hyunseung and 2 New Members

Cube Entertainment has announced that BEAST will be re-debuting as a 3-member boyband.

BEAST will be debuting once again with two new members and previous member, Jang Hyunseung. On November 11, 2016, BEAST announced they would be leaving Cube Entertainment to form their own label.

Doojoon, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon are not involved in the new BEAST.

The following weekend, the five members announced the formation of their new label. Jang Hyunseung followed up with a statement that he had resigned with Cube Entertainment after leaving the group earlier that year, in April 2016.

Read Cube Entertainment’s statement below:

“BEAST’s former member Jang Hyunseung will be returning to BEAST and we will be recreating the group as a 3 member group.

The group BEAST that debuted in 2009 has enjoyed massive success with “Shock” and “Breathe” and became CUBE Entertainment’s iconic boy group as well as top level idols.

Jang Hyunseung is an original member of BEAST and with the recruiting of new members is preparing to leap once more.

Please watch over the new BEAST and Jang Hyunseung’s future activities with love and support.”

— CUBE Entertainment’s Hong Seung Sung.

Koreaboo has reached out to the former BEAST members new agency, Around Us and received the statement below:

“We were talking to CUBE even until yesterday but we had never heard of this (the news of the new BEAST). We were extremely surprised to see the reports and plan to contact CUBE, we will be releasing an official statement as soon as we can confirm what is happening.”

– Around US Entertainment Personnel

Source: OSEN