Big Hit Entertainment Kicks Off Another Mysterious Countdown

The first “D” teaser for a new countdown has been released, and no one knows what to expect.

If there’s one thing fans have learned about Big Hit Entertainment, it’s that the agency is full of surprises.

On May 17, BTS‘s official Twitter account retweeted a mysterious “D-7” teaser image posted by Big Hit Entertainment. The countdown, which ended with “D-2”, was for Agust D‘s new D-2 mixtape, released on May 22.

Now, another countdown has begun! On May 28, Big Hit Entertainment dropped this “D-3” teaser on their BIGHIT Audition account.

Fans who had just started to recover from the stress of the D-2 countdown are freaking out about “D-3” just a little bit. What does the agency have in store for them this time?

Could it be a new series of auditions? An I-LAND announcement? A new group? The possibilities are endless, so stay tuned for updates!