D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo Has Left The Group

We hope he gets the rest and support he needs.

Back in September, D-CRUNCH‘s Hyunwoo halted all activities when he injured his back preparing for a comeback. It was not too serious, but supposedly Hyunwoo had had back pains for a while, and it only got worse with a lot of harsh movement.

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After many discussions with Hyunwoo, his family, the group, and the agency, they ultimately decided that it was not possible to continue his activities further. AI Grand Korea put out a statement just last night.

After careful consideration, Hyunwoo expressed his desire to leave the group due to health reasons. We are once again sorry for this news as we know domestic and foreign fans have been waiting for Hyunwoo’s recovery. Although his contract has ended, we will continue to encourage and support Hyunwoo’s recovery and future activities. We ask fans to give encouragement to Hyunwoo who is going on a new path, and please continue to love and support D-CRUNCH as well.

AI Grand Korea

Hyunwoo wrote fans a handwritten letter for his departure.

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In it, he said: “Although I underwent many treatments and exercises for my back, the pain did not go away. So, after discussing it with my family, the agency, and the members, I decided it was difficult to continue my singing career. It’s a sudden decision, but I don’t want to inconvenience the agency, my family-like members, and myself, so I decided to leave the group.

He ended with a loving address to his fans.

DIANA, it was an honor for me to be with you and the members, and I was very happy. I’m grateful for you supporting me and giving me unforgettable memories.


Source: Naver and @DIA_CRUNCH