D-Crunch Kicked Off Stage In Kuwait Due To Country’s Public Morals

Despite the circumstances, the boys continued to stay strong for their fans.

D-Crunch, who was initially confirmed to perform at the Korea-Kuwait Diplomatic Relations anniversary concert, was canceled last minute.


The members came on stage and apologized for not being able to perform. “Sorry for not showing you our performances. We will come back soon. Thank you so much, everyone.”



Kuwait TV personality Yousef Al Saleh recalls seeing the group looking confused and upset. “You can tell that D-Crunch was physically upset and devastated.”

There was also no reason given for the cancellation, and most authorities looked like they wanted to forget what just happened.


According to local reports, “Several sources suggest the ban took place after several of the band members appeared in the circumstances against public morals of Al Kuwait.”

Foochia suggests that people were calling them gay, leading to inaccurate information given to the Minister of Mass Media and Information.


People in the audience also started chanting “BTS” randomly, causing more confusion.


Even though they must’ve been very upset due to the rumors and cancellation, they continued to smile and be strong for their fans.