D1CE’s Yonggeun Announces Military Enlistment Date

Serve well, Yonggeun.

On April 19, D1CE’s agency, D1CE Entertainment, announced that the group’s leader, Yonggeun, would be enlisting in the military next month. The company announced this along with a handwritten letter from Yonggeun on D1CE’s official fan café.

| @officialD1CE/Twitter

Yonggeun wrote:

Hello, Don1y, this is D1CE’s Yonggeun. I am writing this because there is something I want to say to our lovable Don1y. I thought a lot about how to say this… but I’ve been called by the country to fulfill my military duties on May 6.

When I heard the news, the first thing I thought of was Don1y. All the fans who have always shown me their love and affection despite the fact that I was lacking. Thank you so much for helping me make happy memories that I will not forget for a long time. It was a very meaningful time for me.

I will fulfill my military duties and return healthy. I hope that our fans will stay healthy and happy as well. I will stay strong with the hope of our reunion. I love you, thank you.


| @officialD1CE/Twitter

D1CE is a five-member boy group that debuted in August 2019. They are currently preparing for their online fan meeting on May 1 and will continue to promote with four members while Yonggeun is enlisted.

They recently had a comeback in February! Check it out below:

Source: Star Today