Daegu City To Make A Tour Package That Promotes The Hometown Of BTS’s V And Suga

Anyone excited for this tour?

The city of Daegu, which is also the hometown of BTS’s V and Suga, will be creating a tour package that follows their schools and places they used to hang out.

| iDaegu

Daegu also plans to release both a V edition and Suga edition vlog this upcoming March and release it to the public.

These vlogs will be filmed by both international and Korean ARMY as they visit the two members’ hometown.

Dalseong Park has a special place in V’s heart as it was a place that he played a lot at when he was young. A photo of him at the park when he was young gained attention after V took the same picture at the park in 2015 and posted it online.

In BTS’s song “INTRO: Never Mind” Suga’s rap mentioned Namsan-dong, an area where he grew up.

They will be releasing these vlogs on the Daegu City’s official YouTube channel and will request for the videos to be shared with the overseas branch of the Korea Tourism Organization.

They will also be creating a tour titled the ‘Hallyu Sky Train Tour’ that connects the bus tour package ‘Hallyu 724 Bus Tour’ and Subway line 3.

They plan to confirm these tours by the first half of this year in order to bring in foreign tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic slows down.

A Daegu city official also stated, “The contents of this tour does not require confirmation from the agency as it only introduces related places and the not the celebrities directly.”

Anyone excited for these new tours?

Source: idaegu