Daesung (D-Lite) continues to receive good response for “Delight” in Japan

Daesung, who is promoting under the stage name D.LITE, is reportedly seeing a good response from his fans for his latest mini-album, Delight in Japan. 

According to Oricon Style, Daesung’s mini-album Delight managed to sell more than 71,000 copies and continues to gain much popularity. In order to promote the concept of Korean trot in the country, Daesung held a surprise event at Shinbashi to cater to the appeal of Japanese salarymen.

Back in October, Delight topped Oricon’s daily album chart at the day of its release, proving the warm support given by his local fans.

When asked about his thoughts on the genre, Daesung elaborated that, “My parents loved trot and I think I was influenced by them. I think the genre makes me feel at ease.” 

YG Entertainment also revealed that G-Dragon participated in the production of the track, adding a catchy melody and witty lyrics. Daesung, on the other hand, received much interest for his comic “chest dance,” which is starting to become a highlight of his promotions.

Source: Osen