Dahee writes 3 letters of apology to Lee Byung Hun

Glam’s member Dahee has sent not one, not two, but three letters to court for her case involving Lee Byung Hun.

On October 22nd, an associate of Seoul Central Court stated that “Dahee has sent three letters of apology to Lee Byung Hun, one each on the 17th, 21st, and 22nd.”

With this statement, Lee Byung Hun’s lawyer replied that “we cannot check Dahee’s letters, we only know that they have been sent to the court. In truth, we are not sure of what to say, and we don’t really understand why she sent them either. It seems as though she is constantly sending letters of apology to the court to improve her case, but we are not sure if the court will even read them.”

Dahee, who was arrested for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun, was sent to court on October 16th along with her lawyer and her accomplice, Lee Jiyeon.

While Lee Jiyeon has stated that she and Lee Byung Hun were in a relationship, Dahee stated she only helped a friend in a bad situation, stressing the fact that there was no intention of blackmailing at the beginning.

The third letter of apology stated that Dahee feels deeply sorry for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun and asks for mercy.


Source: TV Report

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