Dahee writes 9th apology letter to Lee Byung Hun

GLAM‘s Dahee has sent an apology letter to the court for the ninth time regarding her recent blackmailing case with Lee Byung Hun.

Since October 16th, Dahee has sent a total of nine apology letters to the court, and it is her third letter since November 4th.

Dahee, when speaking in court back on October 16th, stated that since she was a good friend of Lee Ji Yeon, she could not stand the thought that her friend was “fooled” by the victim. By using the video she took during her encounter with Lee Byung Hun, she thought she could threaten him. She also stated that this “deal” between the two was normal.

On that day, the court brought the victim Lee Byung Hun as witness, while the defendants brought their acquaintance, who introduced the victim to the defendants.

Lee Byung Hun is currently in California for his role as California tour ambassador, along with his wife Lee Min Jung, and it is still unknown whether the actor will be present in court to attend another session on November 11th.

Lee Byung Hun was recently blackmailed by two celebrities, one being Dahee of the group GLAM and the other being model Lee Jiyeon, regarding a video that included the three. Lee Byung Hun responded to this by taking legal action. Since then Lee Byung Hun has been heavily criticized for his actions, while the other two may be looking at serious sentences.

Source: Star News