Dalshabet reveals they regained their lost confidence with “JOKER”

Just after completing their promotions with “JOKER,” six-member girl group Dal Shabet revealed they have regained their lost confidence through the recent successful comeback.

The agency’s affiliate stated, “This album, which has been written, composed, and produced by their member Subin, has surprisingly garnered much attention, showing the potential and passion of Dalshabet. Despite their slump due to the car accident and injury last year, this album gave a valuable opportunity for the members to regain their confidence.”

On May 24th, Dalshabet officially ended their promotion with their last stage on Inkigayo for SBS. Despite a year and three months of hiatus, their 6th mini-album Joker Is Alive was well received by the fans and garnered the girls’ first win on various music charts.

Dalshabet has showcased active promotions and communications with their fans by preparing their first fan meet since their debut and holding a surprise guerrilla performance and real-time airing on Afreeca TV. In particular, the girl group kept their promise with their fans by releasing a music video wearing animal print pajamas as well as collaborating a rock version the track “JOKER” with FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki.

Despite just ending their current promotions, the members will continue to prepare for the next album. In the meantime, check out the rock version and animal pajama music video for “JOKER.”

Source: Xports News