Dalshabet’s new song deemed inappropriate for KBS

Dalshabet is known for their sexy choreography and stage outfits, and while it has brought them attention and fame, this time it may have been overboard.

The mini-album JOKER IS ALIVE contains the title song “Joker,” which was long waited by the fans but was also a song that was evaluated and denied by the broadcasting station KBS for being inappropriate for television.

According to their agency, Happy Face Entertainment, “KBS mentioned and denied our approval as the word ‘Joker’ being mentioned frequently in the song, reminds the listeners of an inappropriate word. They also mentioned the the lyrics, ‘joker I want it I am out of breath baby goodnight’ reminds the listeners of a man and a woman having intercourse.”

The agency continued on to state their situation, “KBS was the only station that the song was denied of approval. The song Joker’s lyrics were only meant to show the love story between two individuals. Nothing more or less. Both MBC and SBS had approved the song and we will have no problems there. However, as all broadcasting stations have different rules, it will be not possible for us to take the performance stage on Music Bank KBS. We will do another check on the lyrics and revise the issued lines in order to receive the approval.”

In addition, the song ‘I’m not’ has received denial from MBC due to the word, ‘KakaoTalk’, being in the lyrics. Although the song isn’t Dalshabet’s title song, we have plans for such performances that include the song. Therefore we will be revising that as well to get the approvals. KBS and SBS has yet to give us a result for ‘I’m not’ so far.

Dalshabet will be doing a comeback after a year and three months of inactivity through the mini-album JOKER IS ALIVE.

Source: Newsen