DALsooobin Involved In Car Accident

Get well soon, Subin.

Former Dal Shabet member Subin, who now goes by DALsooobin, was involved in a four car accident earlier today.

Earlier today, DALsooobin’s agency confirmed the news that she was involved in a car accident on the expressway while traveling to Seoul.

Subin was involved in a four-car collision at Yeonpung Tunnel on Jungbu Island Expressway earlier this afternoon. She was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and we can confirm there are no life-threatening injuries.

We will coordinate her future schedules while making sure our top priority is her health and stability. We ask for your understanding that some of her schedules may be adjusted for the time being, depending on the results of her tests.

— Image Nine Comz

Subin was on the way to Seoul to participate in the recording for MBN Miss Back. Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident, and Subin is awaiting her test results at a nearby hospital.

Source: Sports Chosun