Dana Blames Fans For Failed Album, Wields Knife, Gives The Finger And More On Live Broadcast

“It wasn’t Melon’s fault, it was your guys’ fault.”

Singer Dana, who has made a comeback through her new reality program Danalda, has sparked controversy over her words and actions on an Instagram Live session.


In the live broadcast, the singer responded to fans’ questions about a new album by stating that it was impossible because all of her albums had failed. She then blamed her fans for not getting her song ranked No.1 on the Melon Charts and claimed that the failed album was her fans’ fault.

“My albums have to do well for me to make another one. They all failed. The reaction to ‘Touch You’ was not good either so it basically failed. If you guys had worked a little harder to get it to No.1 on the Melon Charts, I could’ve released another solo. It wasn’t Melon’s fault, it was your guys’ fault.”

ㅡ Dana


Moreover, when one fan made a typo and commented, “ㅗㅗ”, which often refers to the middle finger, Dana went ahead and made the gesture.


The controversy doesn’t stop there. When a fan asked Dana how she would deal with trolls, she responded by making a cold expression and wielding a knife.


Fans were also shocked to see Dana looking through and using her smartphone while she was driving during the live broadcast.


Many were disappointed with her behavior on the live broadcast.

  • “She was great until 2 years ago when she was doing musicals…What happened to her ㅠ”
  • “????Was she always like that?”
  • “What’s wrong with her?”
  • “She must be crazy!”
  • “I can see why she failed”
  • “I was rooting for her up until a few days ago but her reaction…What is she trying to do here?”


Dana has since closed down her Instagram account.


Source: Xportsnews and Big Data News